Vaccine Requirements

To keep all of our guests safe and happy, we require the following documentation of the following vaccines:

K-9:  Bordatella, Distemper, Lepto, and Rabies        Feline:   DRCC, Rabies

*In order to board with us, we must have all required vaccinations presented to us before or upon check-in. We highly recommend contacting us via phone or email to confirm all records are complete and in our system before drop-off. Most veterinary clinics are not open after 5pm or on the weekends, so if you show up empty handed and we don't have records on file, we will have to turn your pet away.

All vaccines must be up to date and complete in order to board. Both Distemper (3 rounds) and Lepto (2 rounds) are a series of shots, which means there are two or three shots needed before the pet has had a completed series. If your pet is under four months old, they may not have their completed rounds of shots and cannot board.

We cannot administer any sort of vaccination at our vacility. All vaccinations must be administered by a registered veterinarian... although it may be an option to buy over the counter vaccinations to administer at home, we do not accept any vaccinations administered by owner.

Due to HIPPA law, we cannot solicit any vaccinations from your veterinarian; you must call and retrieve those records.
Vaccine records can be emailed by you or your vet to kryderkritterhotel@hotmail.com; we do not have a fax number!
We no longer require the K-9 Influenza vaccination, however we HIGHLY recommend this vaccination. 
If you choose against this vaccine, we will ask you to sign a waiver at check-in.


Food and Medications

Our meals are prepared with only the highest quality of health and flavor in mind.  
Our house brands are Science Diet and Purina One.
We do not charge extra if you bring your own food.

If your pet requires medication, we are happy to administer at no additional charge.