Your hosts, Scott Kryder and staff, pride themselves on being animal enthusiasts with over 20 years of experience in the field of pet care.  They know exactly how to meet your specific pets' needs, including regular exercise, proper diet, and most of all - personal affection.
New!  Customized play packages now available!  Ask about our Senior special, Cuddle time, Puppy play, Sports time, Combo and Purr Time packages!
We also offer baths and nail trims.
Fees and Services
Our K-9 & Feline guests receive the following services daily:                                             
•Fresh food & water twice a day              
•Exercised three times a day                   
• Fresh litter twice a day
•Afternoon treat                                      
•Clean and snuggly bed & toy daily
•Clean and snuggly blankets daily           
•Loving attention twice a day

Please Select a Dropdown Option for Prices!

Dog Boarding

We offer three different suite sizes for dogs!

Our 3x6 Small is $35/day
Our 4x6 Medium is $38/day
Our 4x8 Large is $43/day

Double Occupancy, add $12.00 per day
Triple Occupancy add $17.00 per day
4th or more $5 per pet per day.

Bath: $30
Nail Trim: $15

Cat Boarding

We offer three condo sizes for cats!

Our 2x3 small will fit one feline at $22 a day
Our 2x6 will fit one or two felines at $27 a day
Our 4x12 will fit one or more felines at $35 a day

Double Occupancy add $12.00 per day
Triple Occupancy add $17.00 per day
4th or more add $5 per pet per day


Our daycare runs Monday thru Friday from open to close and is a flat rate of $20 a day! (For every additional pet at daycare, add $5 to the base price).

Exotic Pets

We offer exotic pet boarding!
We can board any exotic pet from rabbits to lizards! The only exotic pet we cannot board are birds!

We charge per cage or tank: $15 a day.

For Reservations:

E-Mail: kryderkritterhotel@hotmail.com

Phone: (574) 271-8480

Days Closed (to public)

  • ​Christmas Day (Dec. 25th)
  • ​New Years Day (Jan. 1st)
  • ​4th of July
  • ​Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • ​Labor Day (1st Monday in September)
  • ​Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November)
 Come visit us at:
12751 Sandy Drive, Granger IN 46530

Hours of Operation:

Monday thru Friday: 7:30am to 7pm
Saturday: 7:30am to 12noon
Sunday: 4pm to 7pm

***Please note: check-out time on Sunday is 4pm, therefore, clients are charged for that day.

 Checkout time is 12 noon
Monday thru Saturday!

Have specific questions about boarding?

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